ADA Mock Audition

Dance Company Audition Simulation

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ADA Mock Audition….

Is an opportunity to experience a simulated audition for professional dance companies. 

Dancers will be evaluated on their performance and be advised on how to prepare for future auditions.


26th Jan. 2021 ~ 17th Mar. 2021

Audition requirements

Dancers aged 17 and above who have received professional training in ballet, contemporary or traditional dance. 

- Dancers born before 31st-DEC-2005」 are eligible to apply 

Audition contents

100% online video audition + real-time Zoom interview 

* Please note that: 

1- Those who wish to apply for both auditions are welcomed to do so. 

2- The contents for both auditions are slightly different. 

3- All participants should follow the guidelines provided.

* Interview schedule:

3rd ~ 5th April (Sat. - Mon.) 

The interview day will be randomly scheduled within this period.


1. Receive evaluation reports from up to 10 professional company directors

2. Experience a realistic audition process and get to learn company repertoires  

3. No cuts made, all participants will have a mock interview with the directors

4. Check my career readiness and examine my audition material quality 

5.️ Check my compatibility with different dance styles and companies

6. Receive an invitation to open/private company audition

Audition panel

Ballet: 5 ballet companies

Mr Marcelo Gomes from Dresden Semperoper Ballett (Germany)

Ms Sofia Campos from Companhia Nacional de Bailado (Portugal)

Ms Sabrina Sadowska from Ballett Chemnitz (Germany) 

Ms Katharina Torwesten from Ballett Landestheater Detmold (Germany) 

Mr Steffen Fuchs from Ballett Koblenz (Germany)

Contemporary/Modern: 5 contemporary/modern dance companies

Mr Tamir Ginz from Kamea Dance Company (Israel)

Mr James Sutherland  from Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern Tanz (Germany)

Mr Can Arslan from Halberstadt Ballett (Germany) 

Mr Giuseppe Spota from MiR Dance Company Gelsenkrichen (Germany)

Mr Simone Sandroni from Tanztheater Bielefeld (Germany)

Matters provided 

* Evaluation report :

Each artistic director will provide one evaluation report (5 ballet company directors, 5 contemporary company directors) 

- Those who apply for both mock auditions may receive a maximum of 10 reports.

- Scheduled: Sent out individually to each dancer within 7 days after the mock interview 


Participation fee 

Regular price: 300 Euro

[ Discount Event: DETAILS ]

1+1 Event : Invite a friend and receive a 50% discount!

150 EURO for EACH category

Deadline: 17th Mar. 2021

** Those who wish to apply for both mock auditions (ballet & contemporary/modern) will be required to pay twice (000 Euro x 2 = Total amount) 

Payment method
Instructions will be sent through email after registration.

◎ Details in this webpage are subject to change by the organiser.

How do I apply?

< ADA Mock Audition Application and Process >

1Apply on our website

- Submit your CV (resume) according to the format

- Submit your headshot / full-body shot / audition video

2Participation fee & payment
- Payment instructions will be sent through email after material submission
3Company assignment
- Receive each company’s assignment (repertoire, improvisation, etc.) through email
- Company assignments will be around 1 minute long each.

- Participants must complete and submit the assignments in video within 24th March 2021.

Mock interview
- Participate in virtual mock interviews with artistic directors
Receive feedback
- Receive an evaluation report with feedback and assessments of 20+ criteria

Photo/Video Requirements