ADA Mock Audition

Dance Company Audition Simulation

- Your Key to Success in Dance Auditions -

■ Audition panels: Line-up 

Artistic directors from each company will join to ADA Mock Audition as judging panels! 

ADA Mock audition is the key solution for success in dance company auditions.

The audition panel will be led by artistic directors of 5 ballet companies and 5 contemporary/modern companies.

Each artistic director will provide ONE evaluation report. 

Ballet category

Dresden Semperoper Ballett 

Dresden - Germany 

Ballet master. 

Marcelo Gomes

Companhia Nacional de Bailado

Lisbon - Portugal

Artistic director. 

Sofia Campos

Ballett Koblenz

Koblenz - Germany 

Artistic director.

Steffen Fuchs

Ballett Chemnitz

Chemnitz - Germany

Artistic director. 

Sabrina Sadowska

Ballett Landestheater Detmold

Detmold - Germany 

Artistic director.

Katharina Torwesten

Contemporary/Modern category

Kamea Dance Company

Beer Sheva - Israel

Artistic director. 

Tamir Ginz

Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern Tanz

Kaiserslautern - Germany

Artistic director. 

James Sutherland

Halberstadt Ballett 

Halberstadt - Germany

Artistic director. 

Can Arslan

MiR Dance Company Gelsenkirchen

Gelsenkirchen - Germany

Artistic director. 

Giuseppe Spota

Tanztheater Bielefeld

Bielefeld - Germany

Artistic director.

Simone Sandroni

■ ADA Mock Audition: Why should I apply?

1. Receive evaluation reports from up to 10 professional company directors

2. Experience a realistic audition process and get to learn company repertoires  

3. No cuts made, all participants will have a mock interview with the directors

4. Check my career readiness and examine my audition material quality 

5.️ Check my compatibility with different dance styles and companies

6. Receive an invitation to open/private company audition

My dream is to become a professional dancer!

But auditions are not easy to come by 🥺

And when the opportunity does approach,

I can’t help but wonder….

With ADA Mock Audition,

Prep your audition with artistic directors
and increase your chances of being employed!

Asia Dance Audition - Ballet 2018: (Previous) Artistic director of Germany’s Ballett Hagen 

An essential for dancers working towards a professional dance life - An exceptional opportunity to experience a simulated audition led by accomplished artistic directors.

☑️️ Don't miss out! [SPECIAL DISCOUNT]

1+1 Event 

Invite a friend and receive 50% discount

300 EURO → 150 EURO for EACH category 

Period: ~ 17th Mar. 2021

Company audition - Issues


ADA Mock Audition - Solution

Most dancers get cut in the first round and don’t get to engage in the entire audition process

No cuts, all dancers will be able to participate in the final round (Interview with directors)
No feedback provided, dancers have no way to know what to improve

Dancers receive practical feedback and detailed evaluation of their performance

Not enough opportunities 
to participate in auditions and 
gain experience 
(Too far, too expensive)

Anyone can participate anytime through the online system 

Audition tours can be costly…. 

This is an actual travel itinerary of a dancer’s audition tour in Europe. The dancer had to travel to 12 cities in one month, spending not only precious time, but also a huge budget on transportation, accommodations, and food. The frequent travels made it difficult to stay in top condition for auditions.   

* KR dancers' average budget for one-month long audition tours: 3800 Euro ~ 5300 Euro

Is there a more cost-effective and time-saving method to gain audition experience?


ADA Mock Audition

is 100% online, so there will be NO time/economic burden!

Dancers will be able to audition in tip-top condition without worrying about travel plans!

Also, those who are new to company auditions can gain some experience and be prepared for the real thing!

☑️️ Mock Audition - Special Discount ♥

 1+1 Event : Invite a friend and receive 50% discount! 

300 EURO150 EURO for EACH category

Deadline: 17th Mar. 2021

[ 1+1 Event : How to participate ] 

1) Register together with your friend at the same time 

2) At the "1+1 Event" section, write down your friend's full name  

*If you have more than one friend participating together (2+1), write down both names (Example: Sabrina Kim, Jane Doe)

Two categories are available!

Two different panels of judges from two different styles of dance

will be evaluating dancers with different standards.

If you’re only interested in both ballet and contemporary/modern styles,

feel free to register for both mock auditions! 👌

Evaluation criteria - Detailed evaluation 

Receive usable advice and learn what directors are looking for in dancers

Evaluation Items & Criteria

Resume - 3 evaluation criteria

Body type - 2 evaluation criteria

Basic assignment (barre, center, solo piece) - 16 evaluation criteria

Company assignment - 5 evaluation criteria

Feedback & advice from artistic directors, rating your chances of being hired as a dancer, etc. + a

*The above details are subject to change by the Organiser.

How detailed will the evaluation report be?

Detailed = Complex ?? 😣

Say NO to reports that you can barely even read!


And say YES! to the clean, simple and yet detailed evaluation report that contains more than 20 evaluation items! Understand everything at a glance with our specially prepared visual materials, and be prepared for future auditions 😉

Max. 10 Evaluation Reports

The audition panel will be led by artistic directors of

5 ballet companies and 5 contemporary/modern companies.

Each artistic director will provide one evaluation report for each dancer.

A maximum of 10 reports will be issued to one dancer, if he/she participates in 

both categories of the mock audition.

Company repertoire - Exclusive chance to learn new choreography 

Explore a section of repertoires by different companies to determine your ability to pick up choreographies.

Participants will receive repertoire videos from different companies and learn the choreography.

Videos are available exclusively to mock audition participants only.

▲ The repertoire videos provided are released to mock audition participants only with consent from the dance companies. Reproduction and distribution of said videos without permission is strictly prohibited.

Mock interview - Meet the directors

Asia Dance Audition - Contemporary 2020, Zoom audition with Pfalztheater Tanz (Germany) 

In this mock audition, no cuts will be made. All participants will advance to the final round of dance company auditions - an interview with the directors. With this opportunity, dancers will be able to communicate and connect directly with the directors, and develop strategies to deal with future auditions and interviews. 

100% online audition, 0% COVID-19 risk 

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you! 

Experience mock auditions in this 'contactless era' with our [Video + Real-time Online] format

Our experience with ADA-C, which was hugely successful with 35 contract/invitation offers, has proven that the format works.

[Click to view the Asia Dance Audition - Contemporary 2020 Results]

Audition panel - Accomplished professionals

Artistic directors from 7 international dance companies at the Asia Dance Audition - Ballet 2019.

Receive an evaluation report with practical advice from artistic directors, and be better prepared for your future auditions

- The audition panel will be led by artistic directors of 5 ballet companies and 5 contemporary/modern companies.

- Each artistic director will provide one evaluation report. 

Audition contents

2019’ Asia Dance Audition - Ballet

100% online video audition + real-time Zoom interview

Ballet: Video audition + Zoom online mock interview 

Contemporary/Modern: Video audition + Zoom online mock interview 

* Those who wish to apply for both auditions are welcomed to do so.

* Please note that:

1- The contents for both auditions are slightly different.

2- All participants should follow the guidelines provided. (See below)

1. Basic assignment

- Ballet barre + centre work

- Ballet solo piece (Classical)

- Ballet barre + centre work

- Contemporary/Modern solo piece 

2. Company assignment

- Company repertoire, combination, etc. (According to the director’s requirements)

- Company repertoire, improvisation, etc. (According to the director’s requirements)

3. Mock interview
- Zoom online interview

*Schedule will be announced to each dancer separately