FAQ for 2021' ADA / KICDC

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Fear not!

Once you have completed payment for Round 2, we will have a ZOOM orientation with you.

We will do a simulation so that you can understand what will happen during Round 2, and we'll also check your internet connection, camera settings, music settings, and answer any questions you have!

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No, you may not. 

For the COMPETITION, it must be a one-shot video from beginning to end, not longer than 4 minutes.

NO edits in between are allowed, but you are allowed to trim the beginning or end if the video is longer than 4 minutes.

(If you do not, during the competition, we will automatically stop playing your video at the 4-minute mark.)

For the AUDITION, your video must contain: class (barre + ballet) & ONE contemporary solo.

You may use the same contemporary solo from the COMPETITION video, and combine it with your class video.

For the ballet class, it can be edited (cuts between each move). As for the contemporary solo, please ONLY USE ONE, and make sure there are no cuts in between.

If your materials do not comply with our rules & regulations, it may cause an disadvantage during screening. 

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YES! You can.

But make sure that it is a SOLO video, and there are no logos visible.

If there is, you can crop the video to size, or mosaic/blur out the logo.

Kindly note that if logos/marks are clearly visible in your videos, you could be disqualified. 

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Although it would be best not to, we will try to help if the circumstances allow.

Please email info@danceplanner.net, and our team will answer you! 

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From 10th September to 19th September, the directors will screen your materials. 

Then, we will announce the finalists for each company on 20th September (Monday).

If you are not chosen by any company, you will receive written feedback from all of the company directors.

If you are chosen by ONE company, you can choose whether or not to participate.

If you choose not to participate, you will still receive written feedback from all of the company directors.

If you are chosen by MORE THAN ONE company, you can choose which companies you want to audition for. 

After choosing the companies, you can pay for the fees accordingly. (USD 50 / per company)

After completing payment, you will receive the assignments for each company (repertoire, improvisation, etc.)

Then, on 29th September ~ 1st October, you will perform those assignments on Zoom.

After the assignments, some directors might interview the dancers.

Two weeks later, you'll get the final results! 

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9th September (Thursday)!

This applies to both the competition & the audition. Mark the date! 

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No. This is a competition using pre-recorded videos submitted by you. (International participants)

For Korean participants / foreign nationals that live in Korea, they will be dancing on stage in Cheonan, Korea.

The competition & awards ceremony will be live-streamed on Korea Dance Association's Youtube Channel.

You will be able to see the dancers on stage in Korea, and the pre-recorded videos submitted by you and other international participants!

For the awards ceremony, they will announce your name on stage. After the competition, we will send you the certificate through international post, and the prize money through transfer!

Here is the schedule for the competition:

27th September (Monday)
Opening Ceremony
[Pre-junior & Junior] Semi-finals 
28th September (Tuesday)
[Senior] Semi-finals
29th September (Wednesday)
[All category] Finals
Awards & Closing Ceremony
30th September (Thursday)
World Gala 

* Time TBA.

Subscribe to  Korea Dance Association's Youtube Channel HERE

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YES! You can, as long as you turn 18 by 27th September, 2021.

For 18 year old dancers, 

You are eligible for the "JUNIOR" age group of the competition,

and are also eligible for the audition.

For more information, contact us through email (info@danceplanner.net). 

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Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition is a SOLO competition.

It is split into three different age groups:

KICDC: Pre-juniorAges 12 ~ 14
Born between 28th Sep. 2006 ~ 27th Sep. 2009
KICDC: JuniorAges 15 ~ 18
Born between 28th Sep. 2002 ~ 27th Sep. 2006
KICDC: SeniorAges 19 ~ 34 
Born between 28th Sep. 1989 ~ 27th Sep.2002