■ Terms and Conditions for Asia Dance Audition - Mock audition

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”)  are intended to define the conditions, procedures, and other necessary matters of the Asia Dance Audition - Mock Audition (hereinafter referred to as “Mock Audition”), which is organized by Dance Planner Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”).  

※ ‘Participants’ should read these Terms and Conditions carefully for court management, which may become a problem in the future. 

※ ‘Participants’ must meet the requirements of the organizer. In the case of violation, registration will be invalid.

※ The organizer shall prepare a procedure for clicking the “I agree” button on the T&C section in the reception form, and when the ‘Participant applies by clicking the “Agree” button, it signifies that the T&C are fully accepted between all parties (the Organizer and the ‘Participant’/the ‘Participant's legal representative)

1. How to register your application

- This application registration is to reveal the ‘Participant's “desire to participate in the Mock Audition” - Application registration is done only at the 'Mock Audition' official website (asiadanceaudition.com, jp.asiadanceaudition.com, cn.asiadanceaudition.com).

- Only ‘Participants’ of ages 17 years and up are entitled to participate in the 'Mock Audition'.

- ‘Participants’ should submit photos and video links that meet the regulations provided on the website (asiadanceaudition.com/mock-rule,


cn.asiadanceaudition.com/mock-rule) when participating in the ‘Mock Audition’, and there may be disadvantages in the evaluation if they violate the regulations. 

- ‘Participants’ can learn more about the different categories, “Ballet” and “Contemporary/Modern” on the website, and pick the category that they would like to participate in for the ‘Mock Audition’.

- ‘Participants’ should prepare and submit videos according to the requirements for the category they have chosen. 

A. Photo regulations 

One headshot photo, three full-body shot photos 

Photographs should be pictures with a clean background. (No Selfies).

Must be a photograph taken within the last 6 months.

B. Video regulations

Ballet barre & centre work video - Classical ballet or contemporary solo video

The video should be taken within the last 6 months.

The video should be high-resolution that shows the ‘Participant’'s body and face clearly.

2. Price of audition application

A. Participation fee

The ‘Mock Audition participation fee’ is a payment to confirm participation in the ‘Mock Audition’. 

3. Refund Policy

- The Mock Audition participation fee shall be paid within five business days after online registration.

- Participants will be give the company assignments immediately after payment, and hence refund will not be available.

- The participation fee will only be reimbursed in accordance to the below provisions: 

If the event is cancelled by the ‘Organizer’ - Full refund excluding the bank transfer fees

4. Declaration of consent: photographs, videos or other images

- ‘Participants’ agree to videography, photography, screenshot or screen-recording at the ‘Mock Audition’.

- The 'Participants' agrees that the 'Organizer' will use the video or photos that the ‘Participants’ appears in for related works. 

- 'Organizer' has copyright to the work that is taken in 'Mock Audition'.

- 'Participants’ are not allowed to use the works provided or submitted at the ‘Mock Audition’ in profit-making activities. 

5. Company assignment

- The ‘Company Assignment’ for the mock audition (hereinafter referred to as ‘Assignment’) is an evaluation item to examine the participant’s ability to learn and adapt to choreography.

- The ‘Participant’ shall complete and film the ‘Assignment’, and submit the video link to the ‘Organizer’ at latest by 24th March.

- When filming the ‘Assignment’, ‘Participants’ shall refer to the video filming regulations written on the website and user guide provided. Otherwise, there may be disadvantages during the assessment.

- If the ‘Assignment’ video is not submitted within the deadline (24th March), the evaluation of this item shall be excluded due to the applicant’s negligence. In addition, a refund will not be available for this reason. 

6. Mock interview (Hereinafter referred to as ‘Interview’)

- The 'Organizer' shall provide the 'Interview' schedule to the 'Participant', and the 'Participant' shall select available time slots within the schedule.

- ‘Participants’ must comply with the schedule once it is set and be punctual. If the ‘Participant’ fails to attend or is late to the ‘Interview’, the opportunity to participate in the ‘Interview’ will be lost due to the ‘Participant'’s negligence. In addition, refunds will not be available for the same reason. 

7. Final Results 

- Evaluation report will be sent to ‘Participants’ through email

- ‘Participants’ cannot dispute the final evaluation report 

8. Injury

-  The ‘Organizer’ is not responsible for injuries caused by the negligence of ‘Participants’ 

9. Others

- The following benefits may be provided to those selected as ‘Outstanding Participants in this Mock Audition:

a) Invitation to Asia Dance Audition

b) Invitation to open/private auditions by the companies

- "a" is valid for the audition held in 2021. If the audition is not held during 2021, it will be valid for the next audition held in the future.

- "b" is valid until the first half of 2022. (before the company’s summer vacation for 2022)

- The company might not hold auditions due to no vacancies being available or other reasons.

- If the artistic director of the company is changed after the Mock Audition, the benefits acquired may lose their validity.  

■ Agreement of personal information provision to the 3rd party

In relation to Asia Dance Audition - Mock Audition (hereinafter referred to as the "Mock Audition"), I have read the following information and agree to provide my personal information collected by the Service to a third party as follows. 

1. Departments with access to personal information

- Artistic director or representative of the dance company participating in the ‘Mock Audition‘

- Persons in charge of personnel affairs or human resources at the dance company (Only applies to ‘Participants’ who are selected as ‘Outstanding participant’ and have received audition invitation from the company)

2. Items provided

Name, phone number, gender, e-mail address, date of birth 

Whole data of CV(resume) which submitted from ‘Participant’

3. Purpose of using the ‘Participant’’s personal information 

A supplement for the evaluation that takes place during the ‘Mock Audition’. 

4. Period of storing and using personal information by departments with access 

Personal information shall be retained and used during the period of provision of this service, and in the case that the user cancels the service (withdraw membership), the information of the relevant person shall be destroyed so that personal information cannot be read or used. However, the exception is as follows:

Membership withdrawal by a participant who has received privileges in the 'Mock Audition' - Personal information will be retained for three years after the privileges have been validated

5. The customer has the right to refuse consent to the provision of personal information to third parties, and there is no disadvantage to the refusal of consent. However, the service will not be available or the service will be restricted according to the purpose of using the service.

6. General information regarding the handling of personal information that is not listed above is subject to the service's privacy policy. I fully understand, understand and agree to my consent to the provision of this personal information to third parties.