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■ Terms and Conditions for Asia Dance Audition - Contemporary

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”)  are intended to define the conditions, procedures, and other necessary matters of the Asia Dance Audition (hereinafter referred to as “Audition”), which is organized by Dance Planner Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”).  

※ Candidates should read these Terms and Conditions carefully for court management, which may become a problem in the future. 

※ Candidates must meet the requirements of the organizer. In the case of violation, registration will be invalid.

※ The organizer shall prepare a procedure for clicking the “I agree” button on the T&C section in the reception form, and when the ‘Candidate’ applies by clicking the “Agree” button, it signifies that the T&C are fully accepted between all parties (the Organizer and the Candidate/the Candidate’s legal representative)

1. How to register your application

- This application registration is to reveal the Candidate’s “desire to participate in the Audition” and is a procedure to participate in the “Video Preliminary Round” 

- Application registration is done only at the 'Audition' official website (,,

- Only candidates of ages 18 years and up are entitled to participate in the 'Audition'.

- When registering your application, you should include a dance video link and a headshot photo.

-  The semi-finalists of the Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition will be exempted from the video preliminary round are not obliged to submit dance video links.

A. CV Photo Policy

- One headshot photo

- Photographs should be pictures with a clean background. (No Selfies).

- Must be a photograph taken within the last 6 months.

B. Video Policy

- ONE contemporary work video (Max. four minutes, free format)

- The video should be taken within the last 6 months.

- The video should be high-resolution that shows the candidate's body and face clearly.

2. Price of audition application

A. Application Fee

The application fee is free.

B. Audition participation fee

'Audition participation fee' is the cost to finalize participation in the 'Audition'. Only those who have passed the video preliminary round and received an invitation via email will be able to purchase this item.

3. Refund Policy

Payments made after the reception period will be returned (excluding transfer fees). 

Audition participation fee must be paid within 5 workdays after the invitations have been sent.

The audition participation fee will be refunded according to the following rules.

  1) Cancellation 30 days before the audition - Full refund excluding the transfer fee

  2) Cancellation 20 days before the audition –Refund after deduction of 30% audition fees and bank transfer fees 

  3) Cancellation 14 days before the audition - Refund after deduction of 50% audition fees and bank transfer fees 

  4) Cancellation within 14 days of the audition or no-show – No refund (No refunds for no-show on the day of the audition without prior notice)

  5) In the case that the ‘Audition’ is cancelled by the ‘Organizer’, the full amount will be refunded. 

4. Declaration of consent: photographs or other images

- ‘Candidate’ agrees to videography or photography at the ‘Audition’.

- The 'Candidate' agrees that the 'Organizer' will use the video or photos that the ‘Candidate’ appears in for related works 

- 'Organizer' has copyright to the work that is taken in 'Audition'.

- 'Candidate’ cannot use the works taken at the ‘Audition’ in profit-making activities 

- 'Organizer' can use videos and images of 'Candidates' for promotional purposes of the ‘Asia Dance Audition’

5. Injury

- This organizer is not responsible for injuries caused by the negligence of candidates.

- Overseas 'candidates' must bring travellers’ insurance during the audition period.

6. Selection Criteria for Invitations

- 'Organizer' will issue an invitation by combining all criteria from the participating dance companies 

- 'Candidate' cannot dispute the issuance of invitations. 

7. Final Results 

- The list of successful applicants will be released publicly through the official website’s notice board and the official social media pages of the ‘Organizer’

- The ‘Organizer’ will email successful participants to discuss details of the selection and other procedures

- The ‘Organizer’ will not email unsuccessful participants to notify them of the results 

8. Procedures after passing the Audition

A. Regular member (Full-contract)

The ‘Candidate’ enters into a contract directly with the dance company if he or she receives an offer at the audition 

B. Intern member (Intern program)

The internship program is jointly run by the ‘Organizer’ and the dance company, and the ‘Organizer’ provides the successful candidates with a full scholarship for the ‘Intern Program’ 

C. Training unit member (Training program)

The training program is jointly run by the ‘Organizer’ and the dance company, and the ‘Candidate’ who is selected for the training program will pay the program participation fee to the ‘Organizer’ 

- The cost of participation is different for each dance company, and the ‘Organizer; will provide information and guidance for successful applicants through individual email 

9.  Refusing to join or losing qualifications after passing the audition

The "Qualifier" may verify their acceptance during the time period that is announced at the end of the audition through the notice page of the official site ( or by individual mail, and the “Qualifier” must carry out the procedure to clearly state to the "Organizer" about the acceptance status (confirmation or rejection) through the contact information mentioned on the site within the specified period (14 days).

If a person fails to follow the procedure within the period or expresses his/her intention to reject the position, he/she will lose his/her right to join the company, and the chance to join the team will be transferred to the next person who has passed the preliminary examination. Also, there is no cancellation once the intention to reject is expressed.

a. The situation caused by the failure to check e-mail or notices is also classified as "not fulfilling the procedure" and the corresponding "Qualifier" will not be eligible to join the company.

b. As the opportunity to join the company will be immediately transferred to the next “Qualifier” after the rejection towards the position, it cannot be cancelled or reversed.

c. If the content in the application (CV) is found out to be untrue and different from the facts, the offer may be revoked.

10. Others

- Overseas 'Candidates' must have the proper identification or valid visa to participate in the 'Audition'.

- The ‘Organizer’ may issue invitations to serve as visa supporting document for overseas ‘Candidates’

- Meals, including accommodation and airfare, are not included in the 'audition participation fee”.

- If the overseas artistic directors or company representatives are unable to attend the site due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Audition’ will be conducted online.

- This audition works with the Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition.

■ Agreement of personal information provision to the 3rd party

In relation to Asia Dance Audition (hereinafter referred to as the "Audition"), I have read the following information and agree to provide my personal information collected by the Service to a third party as follows. 

1. Departments with access to personal information

- Artistic director or representative of the dance company or dance school participating in the ‘Audition‘

- Personnel manager of the dance company that the ‘Candidate’ is selected for (applicable to those who are offered contracts by the companies only)

- Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition Committee

2. Items provided

Name, phone number, gender, height, weight, e-mail, prize history, date of birth, details of parents or guardians

3. Purpose of using the Candidate’s personal information a. As supplement information for artistic directors (or representatives) to select outstanding Candidates

b. Transformation of personal information if a candidate is offered to join a company or school through the audition 

4. Period of storing and using personal information by departments with access 

Successful candidates - by the end of the admission enrollment procedure.

Dropout - by the audition end date.

Personal information shall be retained and used during the period of providing the service and destroyed so that the personal information of the person concerned can not be viewed or used when the user terminates the service (withdrawal of membership). However, the following cases shall be excluded.

5. The customer has the right to refuse consent to the provision of personal information to third parties, and there is no disadvantage to the refusal of consent. However, the service will not be available or the service will be restricted according to the purpose of using the service.

6. General information regarding the handling of personal information that is not listed above is subject to the service's privacy policy. I fully understand, understand and agree to my consent to the provision of this personal information to third parties.

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