Dance Competition X Audition X Workshop 

Offline venue: Cheonan Arts Center, South Korea (Video Screening for preliminary) 

This event will be held from September 22 to 26, 2024.

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Asia Dance Audition (ADA)

The biggest open audition in Asia since 2018. 

To date, 37 companies/ballet schools have made a total of 151 offers to 74 dancers through the ADA.

▶ The final result of the 2023 ADA [Link]

◆ 2023' Dance Companies Line-up:

Tanz Harz - Theater Halberstadt

Artistic director: Tarek Assam

Halberstadt/Quedlinburg - Germany

[ Homepage ]

Theater Bielefeld

Artistic director: Felix Landerer

Bielefeld - Germany

[ Homepage ]

*Mr. Gianni Cuccaro has assumed the role of Acting Artistic Director of both Tanz Harz and Theater Bielefeld (Information)

Ballett - Theater Plauen-Zwickau

Artistic director: Sergei Vanaev

Plauen/Zwickau - Germany

[ Homepage ]

Polish Dance Theatre

Artistic director: Iwona Pasińska

Poznań - Poland

[ Homepage ]

◆ Dance companies from past events:

Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition (KICDC)

Representative international contemporary dance competition of Korea since 2010, recognized by the UNESCO International Dance Federation.

◆ OFFLINE Attendees may have access to FREE ACCOMMODATION during the period of the Semi-finals and Finals (Optional / first-come, first-served)

◆ The Grand Prize winner will be awarded a certificate and prize money of KRW 3,500,000 (approximately USD 2,500, subject to the exchange rate on the day of transfer, which may differ from the actual amount received).  

◆ The winner of the Senior Men’s Division will be given the opportunity by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to serve as an art agent for the mandatory military service.

◆ Awards details: Link

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Notice for all participants: All rights to photographs and videos taken during the event are owned by the organizer, Dance Planner. This includes all events taking place on the audition stage, workshop stage, event venue, backstage, and audience seats. By submitting the application, participants and their parents or legal guardians are deemed to have agreed to be photographed and filmed during the events, and to have consented to the use of these photographs and videos for promotional purposes by Dance Planner and Asia Dance Audition, in the form of internet, social media, and print materials, which may include their names.