Notice★ 2020' Asia Dance Audition - Contemporary [LIVE Online Audition] (ENG)

17 Aug 2020
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Greetings, this is Dance Planner, the organizer of Asia Dance Audition - Contemporary.

We have been trying our best to invite artistic directors and dancers from all over the world to Korea for our event, and have been trying every possible method.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the regulations surrounding it, we have made the decision to host our event online. 

This was not an easy decision to make, and our team has been putting in effort day and night to make sure that even though held online, our event would still be of the highest quality to our dancers.  

We promise to provide dancers with the best live online event, according to the guidelines that we have set up.

【 1 】 Registration

1/ Register and login as a member on the website 

2/ Submit CV and the materials mentioned below (Deadline: 6th September PM11:59 *KR time/ GMT+9)

*Invitations will be sent out after evaluation by the artistic team of Asia Dance Audition (Organizer). 

  Submission Regulations

◆ Headshot photo

ONE photo that shows the participant’s face clearly.  (Passport/Headshot photo)

The photo must be taken against a clean background.

Selfies are prohibited.

File type: PNG, JPG, JPEG (PDF files are prohibited)

◆ One Video link

* Video 1+2 (Combine into ONE video, ONE link)

* Around 14 min.

* Fancy video editing is prohibited.

[ Video 1 ] Ballet Barre and Centre (around 10 min)

- Barre : Plié + Tendu + Jeté + Fondu + Adagio + Grand battement

- Centre : Adagio + Pirouette + Small Jump + Grand Jump

- Outfit : 

Female: Leotard + Tights + Soft shoes/Socks

Male: Tight-fitting t-shirt + Tights + Soft shoes/Socks

Dancers must be in attire that is tight-fitting, showing body lines. 

Colours are free of choice.

Prohibited: Skirt covering knees, short pants, loose-fitting sweatpants, loose t-shirts that cover the body shape.

[ Video 2 ] Contemporary work (within 4 min)

- Outfit: Free of choice, any costume that suits the solo piece

◆ Application form (English ver.)

·  Personal information:

Name, birthday, contact details, 

height(cm), weight(kg) ... etc. 

·  Career background: 

Educational history, professional career, performance career, awards, choreography ... etc.

3/ Pay registration fees(USD 295) after receiving the invitation

*We will let you know payment details via email once we checked your online registration form.

*Invitation will be issued after application close (6th Sep.)

【 2 】Audition Progress

DAY 1 - 26th SEP

  Video Screening

 Artistic directors will review the dancer’s video and CV

* After the audition, artistic directors will give you audition feedback.

  Finalist announcement

 The announcement made on a website and social media at 22:00 (KR time / GMT+9)

DAY 2 - 27th SEP

  Final round


Finalists will join the LIVE online audition via Zoom

◆ Audition method will be done according to the director’s request and is different for each company. 

The method and preparation needed will be announced on 26th September. (Example: Interview / improvisation / repertoire, etc...)

◆ The final round for each company will be held separately. Each round will be 60 minutes.
The first company's final round will start from 13:00, GMT +9. *Schedule subject to change

[ Zoom access ] 
* Finalists will join the final round through Zoom. (Zoom link will be provided prior)
* Finalists will access the link provided and enter the Zoom conference room
* Finalists must be present 5 minutes before the final round for each company begins
* If you are selected to join the final round for more than one company, you can choose to audition for some OR all of the companies

[ Studio space ] 
Finalists will need to prepare a space for them to participate in the final round.
(Studio, practice space, etc.)

[ Filming equipment ] 
* Dancers must prepare ONE device for the Zoom live session, and ONE device to record it at the same time.
  • Laptop + Phone

  • 2 Phones

  • Laptop + Camera

  • Camera + Phone

[ Video submission ] - For backup purposes
* Apart from the Zoom live session, the final round must be recorded and uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. (Private/Unlisted video)

* The video link must then be submitted.

Submit to:

Deadline: 27th September, 23:59 (KR time / GMT+9)

  Final result

Final results will be announced on the official website, social media pages, and through e-mail 2 WEEKS after the audition.

We will take every possible measure to ensure that all dancers will be able to participate online, in a safe and fair environment. We promise to provide the best service to our dancers. Thank you.