Competition2022 Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition - Notice for OFFLINE participants

Dear participants,

Kindly read and follow the instructions below to ensure a smooth and safe progress. 

The final timetable for the competition (including rehearsal times) will be announced on September 5th (Monday).

1. Rehearsal

  • Attend the rehearsal for your division (Pre-junior / Junior / Senior)

  • During rehearsals, please check your:

    • Spacing & directions (Entering from stage right or left/upstage or downstage) 

    • Music cue (Music first or pose/movement first)

  • Rehearsals will be conducted in alphabetical order of names 

  • Exit the theater immediately after your turn (No waiting)

  • Both semi-final and final rehearsals are not open to the public (No audience allowed) 

2. Orientation & drawing lots for competition

  • Attend the orientation for your division (Pre-junior / Junior / Senior)

  • During the orientation, contestants will draw lots to determine the sequence of performance 

  • Bring your ID document (passport, visa, etc.) for identification 

  • To ensure fairness, the drawing of lots will be carried out in a closed environment

  • Contestants who do not attend the orientation cannot draw by proxy and might face disadvantages during the competition 

  • (Organizers will draw for contestants who are absent afterwards)

  • The final sequence of performance will be uploaded on the website. Contestants must leave immediately after their turn. 

  • Contestants will enter the theater separately (ex: number 1-10 / number 11-20, etc.) to ensure a smooth process

3. Changing/waiting rooms

  • Contestants may use the changing rooms and waiting rooms after orientation

  • The changing rooms and waiting rooms are strictly for contestants only (Guardians may watch the competition from the audience seat)

  • Contestants may not re-enter the waiting rooms after leaving (Please make sure to take your belongings)

4. Makeup and costumes

  • Strictly NO makeup for all divisions: Contestants must be bare face on stage (Basic skin care allowed)

  • Costumes: Nudity not allowed, hair accessories not allowed

5. Music

  • Contestants must submit their music file (.mp3) and total time of their piece by September 1st, 2022 to 

  • Performance piece must be within 4 minutes, starting from the moment the contestant appears on stage

  • If the piece exceeds 4 minutes, the music will be cut out immediately (without fading out)

  • Adjust the music volume before submission (Volume not adjustable during competition)

  • In case there is an error with the music, bring your own USB for backup. (CD, mobile phone, bluetooth devices not available)

  • Organizers  are not responsible for any copyright issues

6. Props

  • Only small tools or props allowed (Confetti, powder, liquid, flower petals not allowed)

  • The prop must not damage the stage & floor, and must not require clean-up (Must not affect the next contestant)

7. Final

  • Semi-final results will be announced on the website after the Semi-finals are over

  • Finalists will attend the rehearsals for their division (same as Semi-finals)

  • Rehearsals will be conducted in alphabetical order, and the sequence of performance will be determined by drawing of lots prior the competition

8. Awards Ceremony

  • All finalists are required to attend the ceremony (Prize certificates will not be mailed out) 

  • Date & location: September 21st, Cheonan Arts Center Grand Theater (Detailed schedule TBA)

  • Please wear appropriate attire for the ceremony (Sweater & sweatpants, slippers, etc. not allowed)

9. Refund

  • Please wear appropriate attire for the ceremony (Sweater & sweatpants, slippers, etc. not allowed)

10. Other information

  • Title of piece cannot be edited after submission 

  • Greetings/bowing not allowed after your turn in the competition (Leave the stage immediately)

  • Parking tickets are not provided 

  • No food other than water is allowed in the theater

  • Organizers are not responsible for the loss of personal items (Lost & found items will get disposed of after 2 weeks of storage)

  • Organizers do not offer or buy insurance for injury, illness or accidents that occur during the competition

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us here: ( 한국어 / English )

+82 70. 7678. 6272 or KAKAO@댄스플래너 ( 한국어 )

We will do our best to answer your inquiries as soon as possible.