2020' Line-up

◆ Prizes and awards:

Grand prize (All categories)
USD 3000
Senior Gold
USD 300
Senior SIlver
USD 200
Senior Bronze
USD 100
Junior Gold
USD 200
Junior Silver
USD 100
Pre-junior Gold
USD 100

** To check all awards of KICDC, please click [HERE]

Tarek Assam

Artistic Director


Giessen - Germany

James Sutherland

Artistic Director


Kaiserslautern - Germany

Béla Földi

Artistic Director


Budapest - Hungary

Iwona Pasińska

Artistic Director


Poznań - Poland

Hans Henning Paar

Artistic Director


Münster - Germany

Stephen Delattre

Artistic Director


Mainz - Germany

Daniel Cardoso

Artistic Director


Amadora - Portugal

This audition will be held online for your safety.

- Video screening and ZOOM Live streaming audition -

An access link will be sent after video screening. Please check the audition progress below.




guest contract or intern contract

Contract start date: 2021/22 season

Subject to change at the discretion of the company. 


Invitation for two weeks training program

a. 100% Scholarship     b. 50% Scholarship

c. 25% Scholarship                     d. Invitation

Through this training program, dancers will participate in company classes,

rehearsal understudy, workshops, and also watch performances.

* This program will require an additional fee. Details will be provided to selected dancers separately. *


Contemporary dancers, 18 years old and up
(Contemporary dancers, ballet dancers, and traditional dancers are all welcomed)

FREE RegistrationDeadline: 6th September 2020 (11:59 p.m., GMT+9)
*Register online at <Apply> and pay the participating fee ⓘ Check the submission regulations 
*Invitations will be sent out after application close (6th Sep.).

Participating fee

USD 295
Payment details will be sent out along with the invitation.

Audition progress
1/ Video Screening and finalist announcement - 26th Sep. 2020 10:00 PM
* After the audition, artistic directors will give you audition feedback.
2/ Final round via ZOOM Live audition - 27th Sep. 2020
3/ Final result announcement - within 2 weeks after the audition.  ⓘ Details 

* Overseas participants will be participating in the online audition (video screening & Zoom Live audition). 
However, if you wish to attending the on-site audition held in Seoul, South Korea, you are required to enter Korea at least 2 weeks before the event (11th September) and complete the mandatory 14 days self-quarantine. You will also be required to submit the negative COVID-19 test results to the organizer.
Please contact the organizer (
info@danceplanner.net) for further inquiries.

* If you are currently residing in South Korea and wish to attend the on-site audition, please contact the organizer (info@danceplanner.net).

Line-up (Companies)
Tanzcompagnie Giessen, PfalztheaterTanz, Budapest Dance Theatre,
Polish Dance Theatre, TanzTheaterMünster, Delattre Dance Company and Quorum Ballet

** The organizer reserves the right to change the rules and regulations surrounding this event without prior notice. **

Submissions regulations

If the materials submitted do not comply with the regulations, your application may be rejected.

■ Headshot photo

· ONE photo that shows the participant’s face clearly.  (Passport/Headshot photo)

· The photo must be taken against a clean background.

· Selfies are prohibited.

· File type: PNG, JPG, JPEG (PDF and other file types are prohibited)

One Video link

· Combine below two videos into ONE video, ONE link.

· Around 14 min.

· Fancy video editing is prohibited.

- Video resolution must be HD (1080p and above)

[ Video 1 ] Ballet Session (around 10 min)

· Barre : Plié + Tendu + Jeté + Fondu + Adagio + Grand battement

· Centre : Adagio + Pirouette + Small Jump + Grand Jump

· Outfit : 

Female: Leotard + Tights + Soft shoes/Socks

Male: Tight-fitting t-shirt + Tights + Soft shoes/Socks

Dancers must be in attire that is tight-fitting, showing body lines. 

Colors are free of choice.

Prohibited: Skirt covering knees, short pants, loose-fitting sweatpants, loose t-shirts that cover the body shape.

[ Video 2 ] Contemporary work (within 4 min)

· Outfit : 

Free of choice, any costume that suits the solo piece

Application form (English ver.) 

·  Personal information:

Name, birthday, contact details, 

height(cm), weight(kg) ... etc. 

·  Career background: 

Educational history, professional career, performance career, awards, choreography ... etc.

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